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Movilitas is a global consulting services and solutions company part of the Engineering Group’s Industries eXcellence Global division that helps enterprises transform their business to meet the demands of today’s dynamic economy. We are recognized as a long-standing trusted SAP partner and strategic advisor for digital supply chain transformation. Our industry expertise, portfolio of accelerators and extensions for SAP solutions and our applications, such as Movilitas.Cloud, enable businesses to future-proof operations, maintain compliance and realize new growth opportunities.

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Discover how we transform digital supply chains across multiple industries across the globe. What opportunities do you want to unlock today?

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Working at Movilitas means that you will be delivering solutions to some of the top companies in the world and having an influence on their day-to-day operations and success

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Why Are We Different?

Movilitas is a technology leader delivering the next generation of solutions and consulting services across multiple industries to advance smart supply chain ecosystems. We are recognized as a trusted SAP partner for digital supply chain transformation. We help businesses realize new growth opportunities, adapt to today’s on-demand economy and maintain compliance. Through services, such as Movilitas.Cloud, or extensions and accelerators for SAP solutions, our clients unlock data to realize greater efficiencies and new revenue streams.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create a new era for how enterprises lead the connected value chain.

We deliver transformative solutions and opportunities, guiding our customers on their journey to connected insights.

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What We Believe


Teamwork is at the core of Movilitas’ success. We deliver exceptional client services through tight communication and collaboration. We put teams together from very diverse cultures and backgrounds that work collectively in the most effective manner.


Continuous innovation is part of our way of working. We constantly develop new technologies, better ways of working, and new ideas to fulfill our mission and deliver the best value to our customers.

Respect for People

While delivering our projects and services, we show respect for every individual employee, supplier, and customer. Our planning is based on respect for the individuals that are part of it.

Customer Commitment

We provide services and solutions to our customers and they are the main recipient of our innovation, team work, and integrity. We strive to establish reliable, dependent, long term relationships with our customers. We do not believe in the short term or easy money – if it’s not good for our customer it’s not good for us. We only offer solutions to our customers of which we are convinced that they will fit to their needs.


We stand by our word. We pride ourselves of delivering what we have committed to, in good and bad times. We are always honest even if it means being more expensive or telling unfavorable news to our customers.

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