Announcing the Movilitas Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2022 Pros to Know

March 30, 2022

Congratulations to Navdeep Malik, Delivery Lead, Track & Trace, and Uwe Rauschenberg, Principal Sales Manager Track and Trace Europe, who were both named winners of the Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2022 Pros to Know Award. Each year, these awards recognize outstanding executives and teams whose accomplishments offer a roadmap for others looking to leverage their supply chain for competitive advantage.

The past few years have been especially challenging, from product and driver shortages to new ways of doing business and delivering products. This year’s awards honor and recognize those behind the scenes who work tirelessly to keep the supply chain strong on a day-to-day basis, but also in the face of a continued global pandemic.

2022 Pros to Know, Individual


Navdeep Malik, Delivery Lead, Track & Trace

Navdeep is a technology leader with proven experience in setting strategic vision, executing IT projects, and consulting for large multinational and complex corporations. He has comprehensive expertise in supply chain, with a focus on product identification, integrity, and tracking.

His commitment to continuously work with companies and industry groups to adopt the next supply chain solutions and standards is exemplary. This focus helps protect the safety of patients and customers while making stakeholder operations more efficient. Navdeep is renowned for best practices applied to successful large-scale digital transformation and Track & Trace programs globally. He has a broad knowledge of global regulations, including life sciences serialization. Throughout his career he has played an instrumental role in leading IT transformation for large multinationals to ensure efficient supply chain processes.

Uwe Rauschenberg, Principal Sales Manager Track and Trace Europe

Uwe is a logistics, track and trace and serialization technology leader. He has more than three decades of proven experience in enabling digitalization for greater supply chain resilience with a focus on product identification, integrity and tracking. His passion is working with customers and potential customers to understand their individual business processes and role in the supply chain, and then discovering the right solution to reach the client’s goal.

Recently, Uwe has been working with low- and middle-income countries to improve their visibility of healthcare and pharmaceutical supplies and increase safety. He is collaborating with other experts in the field to help these countries and United Nation agencies bring visibility into these supply chains, especially for the COVID-19 vaccines.

Movilitas congratulates our 2022 Pros To Know in 2022 for their hard work and dedication that makes a difference to our clients and the world at large.

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