Best Practices for Warehouse Assessments During a Technology Migration

June 10, 2021

Time: 11 am ET

Planning a migration of your warehouse management technology can be challenging. One question you need to answer is, “what is the best solution for managing my warehouse in the future?”.

Conducting a comprehensive assessment helps you uncover the key information needed for making this decision. This audit can also provide important insights for determining the migration impact on your operations. The findings will guide you on how to manage the change on people, processes and systems during and after implementation.

Join us for this lively discussion about warehouse assessments on June 10th. Learn the best practices used with one life sciences company when they were deciding between multiple SAP product options, such as SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

Key Points:

  • Review your current pain points and preferred outcome(s)
  • Evaluate WMS features
  • Compare options to the required functionality needed and your overall strategy
  • Develop a road map for growth requirements

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