Food Traceability: How Track & Trace Prevents Your Recalls from Endangering Your Legacy

October 13, 2021

According to FMI’s 2020 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends Report, 91% of shoppers trust their grocery store to sell safe food.1 The entire food industry plays a crucial role in protecting public health and maintaining consumer trust.

While recalls happen, time is of the essence. Track and trace allows companies to have a quick call to action. Tracking raw materials in the global supply chain gives great transparency which can also be shared with consumers to let them know that a particular product is not impacted by a contaminated ingredient.

When the food quality system fails it is important to have your data available in a matter of seconds to respond to the market and consumers in a timely manner. Keeping trust and brand reputation high as well as create an even deeper bond with the consumer are important strategic goals food producers should target.

From this session you’ll take away how:

  • Track & trace enriches your safety system through end-to-end multi-ingredient traceability
  • Your reaction time on recalls is increased
  • To provide transparency to consumers and authorities
  • The loss of brand reputation can be prevented
  • To streamline your logistic processes

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