Gain Efficiency and Flexibility by Leveraging SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

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Many companies are beginning to view the value chain from the customer perspective. They are rethinking how to deliver experiences, outcomes, and digital services, not just products. This new way of producing requires the integration of customer, manufacturing, and supply chain data in order to dynamically respond to market demands.

Smart factories are adapting by embedding intelligence throughout the enterprise. With digital access to information from the plant floor to the business suite, you have a real-time data stream across the product lifecycle that helps optimize performance while enabling the flexibility to respond quickly to customer needs and market dynamics.

A cloud-based manufacturing execution system (MES) enables this important connection that moves you away from paper and spreadsheet processes and turns your shop floor data into decision-making insights. These SaaS solutions are part of the foundation for intelligent factories with advanced automation and end-to-end shop floor process integration. SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (SAP DMC) allows key stakeholders to manage and produce high-quality products with best-in-class manufacturing visibility so you can exceed production goals while improving accuracy and efficiency.

Join us on Wednesday, July 13th at 4 pm SGT for a 45-minute webinar to learn how you can modernize your manufacturing by leveraging a cloud MES, such as SAP DMC, to simplify production level execution.

Key Topics

  • Main functionalities of a cloud MES
  • Capabilities of Execution and Insights modules
  • Work order process in SAP DMC