How to Create Automation By Integrating Business and Machine Processes

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Manufacturers have the potential to access an incredible amount of data available from their shop floor whether it is from machines, such as PLCs, or sensors. How can you take advantage of this information to improve production? Discover how you can use it to power production automation and insights based on real-time information.

Watch on-demand to learn how you can create a closed-loop system from a hybrid model of on-premise shop floor data and cloud MES solutions that are tightly integrated. We’ll show how SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC) enables the necessary bi-directional data.

Hear key insights and updates from:

Carlos Portillo, SAP  Carlos Portillo, SAP, Business Development Manager, EMEA South – Center of Excellence for Industry 4.0

Martin Gore, Movilitas  Martin Gore, Movilitas, European Business Development Manager – Digital Manufacturing

Darshan Pithadiya, Movilitas Darshan Pithadiya, Movilitas, Digital Manufacturing Technical Consultant

Key Topics:

  • Access data from shop floor machines and sensors in SAP DMC
  • Enable bi-directional data flows and how to leverage them
  • Create digital twins of the manufacturing process

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