Learn How to Empower Your Factory with Real-Time Data Insights

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It’s difficult pulling insights off of paper documents and from spreadsheets. The data is out of date and often contains errors from the data entry process. Your factory deserves better.

Top manufacturers made the digital connection between their shop floor and enterprise. They easily track manufacturing KPI’s and metrics such as downtime, waste and quality. These real-time data insights can power decisions so your business stays agile and efficient.

Watch the Livestream replay to learn how to empower smart manufacturing by integrating your SAP ERP with your MES solutions. This session will show how Movilitas Real-Time Production Management helps you access:

  • A single view and user interface for SAP and production
  • Orders for tracking KPIs and other metrics
  • Real-time alerts on downtime, production and scrap conditions
  • The status of manufacturing availability, performance and quality

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