One Solution For Simplifying Maintenance Technician Tasks

On Demand

Maintenance departments are investing in technologies to get more done by removing productivity roadblocks, such as paper and spreadsheets. However, these solutions aren’t always designed for the way your operations work. By implementing a smart user interface for your EAM software, you can make it easier for a maintenance technician team and other employees to access the information they need quickly.

Watch the on-demand recording for an overview of common challenges and a demo of the solution that helps resolve them. Our management and maintenance experts, Graham Heiner and André Kreuzwieser will show how to squeeze nonproductive time out of the day by making administrative work easier.

Take away from this session how a smart user-friendly interface:

  • Improves technology adoption by simplifying daily tasks, such as fewer clicks to complete transactions
  • Helps your teams get more work done because of a better connection between planners and technicians
  • Turns the volumes of data into actionable information