SAP & Movilitas Chat: Will Your Next MES Be in the Cloud?

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Many companies have already migrated to enterprise software in the cloud. Office productivity has been transformed with digital ERPs, HR solutions and office suites. Manufacturers are looking to adopt cloud-based technology to meet future challenges today. They seek to optimize performance by integrating business and operational systems. This system integration enables seamless production execution based on end-to-end visibility supported by advanced analytics.

Cloud-based manufacturing execution systems (MES) can collect and analyze high-volume, real-time data. The result is improved performance, faster resolution of production-related issues and increased traceability. Is a cloud MES the right solution for you?

Hear key insights and updates from:

Carlos Portillo, SAP  Carlos Portillo, SAP, Business Development Manager, EMEA South – Center of Excellence for Industry 4.0

Paul Lasance, SAP  Paul Lasance, SAP, Manufacturing Solution Specialist, EMEA North

Martin Gore, Movilitas  Martin Gore, Movilitas, European Business Development Manager – Digital Manufacturing

Session’s Key Topics:

  • Smart manufacturing trends: cloud solutions, edge devices and IIoT connectivity
  • What is the best model for your operations: cloud, on-premise or hybrid?
  • Benefits of leveraging a cloud MES

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