Tech Chat: Why Your Journey to Automotive Supply Chain Visibility Starts Now

July 6, 2022

Between the pressures of changing market demands, competition and regulations, the automotive industry is learning to do more with less. These complex supply chains rely on components from various partners to assemble vehicles. Real-time visibility into assets, manufacturing processes, suppliers and more continues to be important for operating efficiency and profitability.

New requirements such as the battery regulation are on the horizon. Platforms such as CatenaX are about to go live to support the Automotive industry to get more visibility into their supply chain. In this tech chat, with SAP Automotive Traceability Expert and CatenaX Development Lead Christoph Knank from SAP and Movilitas Track and Tace Experts Tino Gudelius and Christian-Uwe Rogers-Neu, they will discuss how automotive industry standards will adapt and why companies need to react now to stay competitive in future.

Watch the sesison to gain insights on:

  • Upcoming automotive regulations such as the battery law
  • How industry standards will change in future
  • Why connectivity and visibility in the supply chain are key
  • The new platform CatenaX supported by the Automotive Alliance and the German Government



Christoph Photo

Christoph Knak
SAP Automotive Traceability Expert and CatenaX Development Lead

Tino Photo

Tino Gudelius
Track and Trace Expert

Upender Photo

Christian-Uwe Rogers-Neu
Track and Trace Expert

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