Digital Manufacturing with SAP MES


We prepare our customers for industrial IoT and connected manufacturing

Enable highly efficient production environments through ISA95 based MES & MOM and cloud-based manufacturing with Veri95 and Movilitas.Cloud

Trusted worldwide

Successfully implementing SAP manufacturing solutions, worldwide and across all industries since 2004

Leading Team

Movilitas employs one of the largest pools of consultants in the world for SAP MII and ME projects

We know how

Movilitas has delivered more than 30 SAP manufacturing projects wordwide

Our Solutions
SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud
Boost your manufacturing performance with integrated cloud MES and analytics
Smart Manufacturing with ISA95
ISA, SAP MII and manufacturing operations management
Real-Time Production Management
Achieving your manufacturing goals doesn’t have to be a lengthy, expensive process
Movilitas MES Experience
Why Movilitas is the right partner to define and realize your digital transformation journey
SAP MES Solutions
Connect business and manufacturing processes to increase global competitiveness
Industry 4.0 & IIoT Demonstrations
Example use cases of Industry 4.0 and IIoT using SAP technologies

Digital Manufacturing Customers

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