Industry 4.0

The future of factories is moving from computerization and basic automations to the next generation by connecting core operations with the enterprise-level systems as well as key stakeholders. The real-time data opens up the path to improving operations, finding new opportunities and changing business models. Industry 4.0 enables the analysis of exabytes of data that powers AI, machine learning, predictive processes, digital twins and more. Discover how the insights can transform your value chain.

IIoT Demonstrations

Example use cases of Industry 4.0 and IIoT using SAP technologies 

IoT Lego Factory & Supply Chain with Veri95 and SAP MII

Learn about how to manage a personalized order produced in one-batch, via a tracked and traced customer delivery and supported by mobile technology and SAP Cloud Platform or Movilitas.Cloud. A true example of Connected Manufacturing and Connected Supply Chain in the world of the Internet of Things:


Lego Farm To Fork Demonstration using SAP Leonardo

Learn about supply chain integrity with the inclusion of transparency, traceability, end-to-end visibility and continuous monitoring of condition to bring fresh and high-quality food using the SAP Leonardo IoT product portfolio:

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