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Movilitas has been implementing manufacturing and SAP manufacturing solutions since 2004. With an impressive track record of over 30 successfully delivered projects with SAP MII technology, we are true global leaders in this space. Our extensive experience ensures smooth implementation of SAP MII, SAP ME and Visual Enterprise in the heart of your manufacturing processes.

Our big differentiator, besides our experience and specialism, is the bundling of our best practices into our Veri95 RDS. With our SAP certified Veri95 RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution), we are the only company in the world that can deliver an SAP Manufacturing environment that is fully compliant with ISA95 standards. Veri95 not only allows you to implement SAP MII up to 40% faster, it also delivers a system that will remain manageable in the long run as we deliver one standardized data model for all your MES and MOM operations.

On top of that, we also deliver a whole series of out-of the-box apps (Smart Manufacturing Apps) for SAP MII. Among others, we can offer you today:

Weighing and Dispensing (has also been deployed in life-science industry validated environments)

  • Quality Management
  • Visual Scheduler (for manufacturing operations)
  • Message Exchange Framework (allowing event-based alerting on the shop floor)
  • Verity (a set of standard reports for SAP MII like downtime registration and analytics)

Movilitas regularly schedules webinars explaining our Smart Manufacturing Apps offerings. Please let us know if you would like to attend by sending an email to marketing [at]

Movilitas is a one-stop shop that delivers end-to-end solutions for your entire value chain. In the following video, you can see a demo built with a Lego® factory. We process a personalized order produced in one-batch, via a tracked and traced customer delivery and supported by mobile technology and SAP Cloud Platform or our own cloud technology. A true example of Connected Manufacturing and Connected Supply Chain in the world of the Internet of Things:




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