Real-Time Production Management

Achieving your manufacturing goals doesn’t have to be a lengthy, expensive process

Movilitas’  Real-Time Production Management (RPM)  is a packaged solution that helps drive plant floor productivity improvements. This cost effective solution provides a single user interface for SAP, production, labor and maintenance, at a much lower cost of ownership  than other plant floor solutions by 

  • Creating a monitoring dashboard 
  • Eliminating your paper and spreadsheet system 
  • Enabling a single view of SAP and production
  • Pulling down orders to track KPIs 

Discover How to Simplify Your Manufacturing Operations

RPM enables  quick and easy integration with SAP ERP, with little to no disruption to your operations or existing infrastructure. Deployment can typically be completed in  under 30 days, which means you can expect to achieve ROI in weeks, as opposed to years. 

Provide shop floor visibility and immediately actionable data to your plant personnel with a real-time scoreboard, four different dashboards and a powerful reporting mechanism. Empower your workforce with tablets and smartphones that display real time information and alerts with RPM’s fully mobile functionality. 

Don’t let cost and time barriers keep you from achieving your manufacturing goals.

Rev up your ROI with RPM!

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