SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud


Boost your manufacturing performance with integrated cloud MES and analytics

Improve operations visibility with the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution, a manufacturing execution system (MES) of near real-time data and analytics. Execute manufacturing processes, analyze manufacturing and business data, and integrate systems with a cost-effective, high-quality and resource-efficient method based on Industry 4.0.

Connecting your production equipment to your enterprise systems allows for the sharing of information in real-time and access to advanced analytics to support timely decision making. The data helps you monitor performance, production related issues and increases traceability while making your manufacturing operations more efficient, and scalable.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC) solution is the digital extension of on-premise solutions. The suite comes with different modules so companies can have the right fit for their operations based on their size and industry type. Its focus is on insights for performance management and predictive quality.

Movilitas understands implementations are major change programs and provides services to help clients through the transition. Our experts provide the services required to manage a full implementation project cycle.

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About SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC)

This solution offers a way for manufacturers to meet their cost, delivery and profit goals in the mass customization era when consumers want products tailored to their needs. It enables the necessary visibility into design and production for critical analysis and decision making to satisfy customers.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud has:

  • Out-of-the-box integration to with SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP, plus SAP ME and SAP MII
  • Pre-configured industry standards to build your KPIs from existing systems
  • Advanced analytics for pattern detection and personalized performance improvements
  • Real-time visibility into manufacturing processes locally or across all global operations
  • Resource optimization based on current workflows and Industry 4.0 scenarios

Unify Information

Compile data from all your systems from enterprise to manufacturing to vendor for greater visibility of operations.

Perform Better

Analyze production at the plant- and global-level to determine what is working and what isn’t. Make changes based on real-time information.

Unify and Perform

Diagnose Promptly

Feed the information into advanced algorithms and machine learning for quicker assessment and resolution of quality and productivity issues.

Adapt Faster

Adjust your production lines with AI design and testing to handle customized production with the same cost and quality as mass manufacturing.

Diagnose and Adapt

Why is Movilitas your go-to-partner for Digital Manufacturing?

  • International team of Industry 4.0 and IoT pioneers with cross-industry expertise within the process and discrete manufacturing sectors
  • 50+ customer manufacturing execution system (MES) projects ranging from single site to multi-site, multi-country, and multi-time zone deployments based on a global MES template
  • Benefits achieved:
    • 100% automated zero tolerance environment for loading and unloading of materials
    • 0% chance of mixing explosive products erroneously, reducing prior year claims by 3M$
    • 15% decrease in scrap & 80% faster rework operations on the packaging line
    • 10% faster adaption to new recipes & 5% more productivity by measuring recipe effectiveness

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