Smart Manufacturing with ISA95 

ISA, SAP MII and manufacturing operations management 

ISA-95 is the international standard for the integration of enterprise and control systems, official known as “ANSI/ISA-95 Enterprise-Control System Integration” and recognized internationally as IEC/ISO 62264. Covering both batch processing (ISA 88) and discrete production, the objective is to reduce the cost, risk and errors associated with implementing interfaces between enterprise and production control systems, and is the backbone of smart manufacturing and IIoT.


Leveraging this standard can bring company-wide perspective to system integration that creates as understandable framework, and standard interface format addressing critical manufacturing activities and functionalities, which are typically managed within Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems:

  • Production operations 
  • Maintenance operations 
  • Quality operations
  • Material handling operations 
  • Supporting activities, including management of security, information, configuration, documentation, regulatory compliance, and incidents/deviations

MOM systems (ISA-95 Level 3) allow manufacturers to standardize and optimize processes across the enterprise, minimizing lead times, optimizing asset utilization, speeding time-to-market, and increasing both production visibility and collaborative abilities, enabling manufacturers to compete efficiently and profitably in the global economy.

Turning SAP MII into a MOM solution

SAP MII is a platform that helps manufacturers connect their business operations to the factory floor in real-time, delivering a ISA-95 compliant layer enabling SAP ERP / S4HANA connectivity with real-time plant floor applications. 
In combination with Veri95, a SAP certified ISA95 compliant application, transforms SAP MII into a MOM solution, storing operational and actual production data in a ISA95 data model format. While leveraging connected SAP MII industry solutions and templates provides real-time plant floor apps to drive plant to manufacturing intelligence,  enterprise business process inter-operability, and  delivering ‘intelligence’ to production personnel.

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