Map based resource scheduling in SAP

DynamicMap is the SAP add-on for resource planning. With the help of a clear map view in combination with the resource tree and the list of requirements, demands can be assigned, qualification and disposability compatible, via drag and drop or multi selection to engineers, tools and vehicles.

Additionally, the map includes a search function which enables to look for decisive objects (e.g. short text of a demand). Furthermore, real time traffic and roadworks or road closures can be displayed.

The optimization of the planning is carried out by the Dynamic Wizard. The new route will be simulated and the comparison between the new and the old utilization can be shown. Moreover, the Dynamic Wizard includes an optimization algorithm to solve the traveling salesperson problem.

The map can be displayed in a second monitor. Furthermore, it is possible to picture the demand list on a third monitor.


Your advantages at a glance:
  • Planning via drag and drop
  • Search function for demands
  • Use of real time traffic data
  • Pop-up windows with all important information about resources, demands, assignments and time allocations
  • Attractive license model

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