Mobile Meter Reading

The mobile solution for SAP IS-U enables the mobilization of all needs concerning SAP-based periodic meter reading. The solution processes information based on SAP IS-U meter reading documents and units. Furthermore, read-out directions and offline validation data are considered during meter reading capturing. The read-out can be entered via the postal address, the routeway in SAP IS-U or directly via the meter.

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The solution supports the manual capture of read-out data as well as various read-out types, e.g. electronical via IEC1107, wireless or optical with picture capturing. The planning of individual read-out packages can be done with an optimized version of the read-out disposition that is integrated in SAP IS-U.

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Your advantages at a glance:
  • Non-periodic and regular-cycling meter reading
  • Offline-validation of read-out results
  • planning with the SAP reading scheduling
  • Electronical read-out via IEC1107 protocol
  • Wireless read-out
  • Optical read-out with Pixolus
  • Various read-out strategies (street route, hierarchical, etc...)

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