Mobile Meter Replacement

The mobile solution Movilizer for SAP IS-U enables the mobilization of all needs concerning SAP-based meter replacements, installations and deinstallations. The solution processes information based on SAP PM/CS orders or dispatches and mobilizes the relevant data from SAP IS-U, such as data of the connection object, the device location, the premise or the meter itself. Furthermore, reading instructions and offline data validation are considered during meter reading capturing. The Movilizer modular concept allows individual customizing of meter changes to precisely meet the customer’s needs.

Besides various meter types, the mobile meter replacement process supports smart meter roll-outs as well as all reading variants, such as electronical reading via IEC1107, wireless reading and optical reading with picture capturing.

All mobile captured data can be automatically entered in the Movilitas follow-up processing cockpit in SAP IS-U, controlled manually with the 4-eyes concept and, in the case of an error, reentered afterwards.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • Meter replacement, change and deinstallation
  • Smart meter rollout (e.g. IM4G for German providers)
  • Signature detection, change reports creation
  • Electronic reading via IEC1107 protocol
  • Wireless reading
  • Optical reading with Pixolus
  • Individually customizable follow-up processing before entering in SAP IS-U
helmet Device replacement (periodic), Smart Meter Rollouts
Based on orders and notifications including all connected information / relevant master (connection object, device location, device, meter reading note) and all necessary validations.

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