Mobile Solution for Smart Meter Rollout

The mobile solution for SAP IS-U enables the execution of area-wide smart meter rollouts. The actual replacement, the transfer of the meters and the capturing of meter readings for classic meters, including plausibility checks, are crucial points of the execution. Additionally, the solution can capture information regarding the connection to the meter with an external gateway or can depict functional checks. The solution covers the general requirements for a smart meter rollout and is not country specific. Furthermore, relevant requirements coming from the SAP custom development solution IM4G (Intelligent Metering for German Energy Utilities) are covered.

The planning of individual smart meter rollouts can either be done within SAP via MRS (Multi Resource Scheduling) or alternatively via the Movilizer Planning Board within the Honeywell Movilizer Cloud.

All mobile captured data will be automatically entered in the Movilitas follow-up processing cockpit in SAP IS-U, controlled manually with the 4-eyes- concept or, in the case of an error, reentered afterwards. Especially in the case of smart meter replacement, adaptations to the follow-up processing regarding device conversions, rate adjustments and further changes are possible.

Application scope Mobile Solution for SAP IS-U

helmet Device replacement (periodic), Smart Meter Rollouts
Based on orders and notifications including all connected information / relevant master (connection object, device location, device, meter reading note) and all necessary validations.


Meter Installation and Deinstallation, Smart Meter Rollouts
Incl. all necessary validations, readings and relevant master data (see above)
smart meter Support of Smart Meter Rollouts
Incl. all relevant data

Meter Reading 
Single readings (e.g. control readings or moving in/out) and periodic reading, reading of electrical meters

Incl. necessary validations and all relevant data (connection object, device place, device, read-out directions)

folder Encashment, Blocking / Restarting
Incl. all relevant data such as open items, payment history, blocking reasons, etc.

Repair & Breakdown Orders
Incl. all relevant data

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