Mobile Solutions for Utilities

Today, energy providers face the task of mobilizing various SAP processes, including the areas of client service, network maintenance, meter processes and sales. To achieve efficient and sustainable implementation, the key to success is the use of a mobile business platform that not only fulfills the technological and strategic needs but exceeds them by also providing applications for the various areas.

In addition, the proven long-term expertise of the implementation partner is of great importance for the successful mobilization of these business processes. Movilitas offers precisely this expertise and uses Honeywell Movilizer as a strategic mobile business application and SAP MRS as a resource planning tool. We see ourselves as a strategic consulting partner and accompany our clients on the level of equals during the sustainable realization of all requirements.

  • Movilitas as your strategic consulting partner
  • Honeywell Movilizer as a sustainable mobile business platform
  • Availability of all relevant mobile solutions for utilities
  • SAP MRS for professional resource planning
  • Movilizer for SAP PM/CS for mobile grid maintenance
  • Movilizer for SAP IS-U for mobile meter processes

Movilitas as implementation Partner

  • High competence within the utility industry
  • Solutions portfolio:
    • SAP MRS | Movilizer (incl. optical read-out with ZETA & Pixolus) | Follow-up processing
  • Successful for more than 10 years on the market & biggest Honeywell Movilizer partner (co-foundation)

Your Advantage:

Experience & Competence

Honeywell Movilizer Platform

  • Over >10 years successful on the market
  • Genuine business platform: Mobilization of all business processes (SAP / Non-SAP)
  • No interfaces but (SAP-)connector
  • Designed as a real cloud solution
  • Own server not necessary à Releases will be installed
  • Any possible scaling (functional, regarding users)
  • Proven quality management à multiple audits
  • Client updates as part of service (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.)
  • Highest possible and up-to-date security due to datacenter operation (QSC AG)
  • Certified datacenter (ISO 27001)

Your Advantage:

Always up-to-date, innovative & secure solution architecture

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