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On-site Workshop
Our Mobility Experts will come on-site to your office, so that you don´t have to initially spend time & effort on travelling.

Free of Charge
We know that initial costs prevent many businesses from investing time and effort in the creation of their own Mobile Business Solutions. Therefore, they miss out on one of the greatest opportunities to accelerate their processes and save a lot of money! To eliminate this obstacle, we decided to offer all of the above services completely free of charge.

Workshop Agenda

  • Knowledge Transfer
    Learn from our Mobility Experts about state-of-the-art digitalization possibilities and how your business individually can benefit from the usage of Mobile Business Applications.
  • Business Requirement Analysis
    We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your real individual requirements and give you recommendations on how to further optimize your business processes.
  • Mobile Process Definition
    As a first step towards your own Mobile Business Application, we create a process model that represents the sequence of the single steps within your targeted mobile process.
  • Visual Mobile Prototype
    Rapid Visual Prototyping is a crucial step for implementing your own Mobile Business Application. One of the reasons is that Visual Prototyping enables you to detect and eliminate all of the major misunderstandings between the key stakeholders right from the beginning of the project. That’s why our Mobility Experts will create a Visual & Clickable Mobile Mockup that represents your individual targeted solution.

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