Movilizer Mobile Enterprise Platform

What is the Honeywell Movilizer platform and what functions does it offer?

Honeywell Movilizer is a globally recognized, mobile enterprise platform based on a three-layer architecture:

1. Movilizer Connector

With Movilizer Connector, IT limitations can be overcome and isolated IT systems can be networked with one another. The numerous connectors enable every backend system – such as SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo or – to be securely connected. In addition, all external stakeholders like suppliers, subcontractors or manufacturers, can be connected to the Movilizer Cloud.

2. Movilizer Cloud

The multi-tenant cloud enables senior management such as Supply Chain Managers, Plant Managers, Warehouse Managers and Service Managers, to manage and combine all work and workflows.

The cloud connects backend systems with internal and external technicians, help desks, planners, supervisors and service managers, customers and enterprise-dedicated devices in a single, coherent mobile application. This increases the profitability of the department / company.

We offer a cloud environment in which...
  • Technicians have constant access to all activity information (orders, reports, material, etc.) – offline, anytime and from anywhere.
  • Customers are able to track activity, create tickets, request help and manuals or provide feedback.
  • Devices and machines can be connected and evaluated to bring IoT into the company.
3. Movilizer App Container

On the operational level, the Movilizer app connects field staff to the office and to each other. Service technicians, delivery drivers, sales staff or machines can, for example, process work orders and transfer updated information to the backend system. The Movilizer app is a secure mobile client: a role-based container app that runs on any mobile device and is also available offline. Once the employee has been assigned a work order from the backend, the Movilizer App Container turns into a fully functional mobile application, which has been developed according to predefined requirements.


Your benefits at a glance:
Honeywell Movilizer...
  • among the earliest innovators and the world’s leading providers of cloud-based mobile workflow solutions
  • ...enables companies to implement success strategies for mobile business process management
  • ...offers certified SAP integration
  • unrivaled in functionality and flexibility, and has been tried and tested by hundreds of customers
  • ...provides a proven cloud platform and global delivery and support services for reliable implementation and live operation
  • ...offers the opportunity to design mobility solutions that can then be used with any operating system or terminal

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