SAP MRS Optimizer

Many of our customers face similar challenges. They want to use their resources to the fullest without creating a huge dispatching effort. This is where MRS Optimizer can help. However, it is not easy to configure and test, which is why we offer an optimization package.

This add-on package includes all necessary configurations, tests and reports to define and run an optimization scenario correctly.

The MRS Optimizer helps you to reduce the total costs of your planning:

1. Consideration of travel times
  • Optimize demands by geo coordinates to minimize travel times
2. Reducing technician costs
  • Considers availability
  • Considers qualifications
  • Assigning fixation of technicians possible
  • Fixation of appointments possible
3. Reducing demand costs
  • Considers requirement priority

With this solution, we draw upon our many years of experience in optimization, acquired through multiple projects.

Besides configuration and tests, this add-on contains reports for fixing tasks, so that they can be communicated to your customers to help achieve greater customer satisfaction. The solution also includes a backlog report. This report ensures that demands that cannot be planned by the optimizer are retained. It will be made visible to the dispatcher that manual dispatching is needed.

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