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The validated software as a service (SaaS) solution, Movilitas.Cloud, makes compliance for the stakeholders of the life science supply chain simple and efficient. Dedicated applications for manufacturers (MAH and CMO), wholesalers, 3PLs (pre-wholesaler), parallel importers, repackers, and hospital pharmacies are tailored to the different legal requirements.

Refreshingly easy-to-use and simple-to-configure, Movilitas.Cloud revolutionizes the way products are serialized and verified.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences Regulatory Compliance

International governments are enacting legislation to fight counterfeit drugs. The regulations require a serialization of drugs and reporting to governmental / institutional databases and supply chain partners. Discover what the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), Russian Traceability and other regulations mean for serialization and traceability.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences Regulatory Compliance

Easy to use and instant set up

Movilitas.Cloud’s modern and intuitive UI requires minimal to no training, and is configurable to IT and non-IT needs. Forget lengthy implementations. Instead of months, get started in minutes with our self-service cloud.

For applications that support scanning, Movilitas.Cloud is extended with a standard mobile app, Movilitas Mobile, that can also be run on industrial scanners.

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Easy to use and instant set up

Manage your shop floors and business partners with a click

Have full control over your users and devices, access reports and dashboards in one place and configure access rights in an intuitive way, just like you are using a social network.

Manage your shop floors

Secure and reliable infrastructure

Send and receive information to external SAP applications such as SAP ATTP and SAP ICH or services mandated by national authorities.

Movilitas.Cloud is connected to the EU Hub and to all National Medicine Verification Systems in Europe.

Secure and reliable infrastructure

Pay as you use, no risk trial

We’ll only charge you if you use our services, and if you cancel within 30-days of signing up, we won’t charge you.

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Pay as you use, no risk trial

Dedicated support team

Our dedicated support team can help you at any stage if you run into problems. We even provide 24/7 support with one hour response times.

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Dedicated support team

For all your supply chain needs


Manufacturer for pharma

Connect to the EU Hub. Manage your serial numbers. Commission and decommission packs. Integrate your ERP, packaging lines, and external SAP applications such as SAP ATTP.


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Repacker (EU FMD)

Connect to the EU Hub. Verify, group, commission and decommission your products. Benefit from manual, semi-automatic, automatic repacking support & many more.



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Wholesaler (EU FMD) 

Connect to your MAH’s repository and your packing lines. Verify, decommission, and recommission packs. Benefit from extensive reporting capabilities.

More information in Polish here.


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Hospital Pharmacies

Hospital Pharmacies (EU FMD)

Connect to your NMVS. Verify and decommission medicines on arrival to your hospital.


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Serialized Logistics

Serialized Logistics for pharma

Combines serialization and warehouse operations to meet both regulatory compliance and business needs.


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VRS Solution

Comply with the DSCSA Saleable Returns Verification Requirement in an Hour & Handle Your Verification Requests in Real-Time


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Pharmalutions is a holistic concept backed by leading European tech-companies and local partners providing the most price-competitive & future-anticipating pharma(so)lutions in Asia-Pacific.

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