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Wholesalers are important stakeholders in the EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) by warehousing, transporting and delivering pharmaceuticals. They typically sit between the manufacturers and the pharmacies providing an important service.  Wholesalers must authenticate the products received from their suppliers (if not directly coming from the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH)) or returns by verification, or decommission/re-commission (within 10 days after a decommission) the product serial number in the National Systems with the correct reason code. 

Movilitas.Cloud’s Wholesaler EU application enables you and third-party logistics (3PLs) to comply easily with the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

Connect to your National Medicine Verification System(s)

Complying with the FMD requires a connection to the National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) in the country your warehouse is located. This connection enables you to handle the product through scanning of the 2D barcode for verification, decommissioning and recommissioning.  

Establish a direct connection to your NMVS and verify if a returned product is still active in the supply chain. Deactivate products when needed, for example, in case the product is a free sample, it has been stolen or is exported outside the European Union. Multiple NVMS connections are possible. 


Connect to NMVS

Service Provider Connections

Solidsoft Reply

is one of the IT software providers that have engineered a National Blueprint System. Upon registration, you are given a unique registration code that you input into Movilitas.Cloud. Below is the list of countries Solidsoft Reply works with:



is another National Blueprint Service Provider and has been implemented in 17 countries:


Netzgesellschaft Deutscher Apotheken

(NGDA) provides N-Ident credentials (user name, password and e-certificate) so you can access securPharm, the German verification system.


Getting your operations compliant with FMD regulations

Every wholesaler must verify each package that was not acquired directly from a manufacturer or their Marketing Authorization Holder, or that was returned from another wholesale dealer, distributor or pharmacist. What you need is scanning software that checks every code in the database of the national system.

Getting your operations compliant with FMD regulations

Download our full guide with more on these steps here

Polish version available here.

Define your Warehouses and manage your Operators

  • Define your warehouses where scanning takes place and link it to a NMVS
  • Invite your operators and assign them to a warehouse

Define your Partners and onboard them (optional)

  • If you’re a 3PL (or an MAH connecting your 3PLs), you can activate the 3PL mode.
  • If you’re a 3PL, you can define the MAHs (your customers) you are scanning for.
  • If you’re an MAH that would like to connect their 3PLs, simply invite them by using their email address. All scans executed by a 3PL can be received by the MAH. MAH can connect free of charge to any 3PL that is a customer of Movilitas.Cloud.
Define your Warehouses

Link a repository (optional)

  • MAHs using SAP ATTP  - Connect your SAP ATTP system directly to Movilitas.Cloud over secure VPN connections. This allows automatic updates of serial numbers, status changes, either at the MAHs or 3PLs. 
  • Customers using SAP ICH  – Connect and start scanning in hours by using the out of the box SAP ICH business channel and Movilitas Mobile.

Start scanning

  • Download our mobile application or access our desktop scanning application
  • Plug in your USB scanner (for Movilitas Desktop) and start scanning
start scanning

Store your data

  • Keep all scans in a dedicated FMD repository for later reporting and analysis.

Use extensive reporting capabilities

  • The FMD reports application provides an audit trail of every pack that was scanned at least once. For customers having an FMD repository, extensive reporting capabilities are available free of charge.
    • Data Quality Management Report
    • Data Quality Management Error Report
    • Monthly Count Report
    • Standard Monthly Report
    • Monthly Operator Report
    • Daily Operator Report
Store your data

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