Beyond Compliance - Business Benefits


After having spent millions on compliance and being driven by one item of legislation after the next, wouldn’t it be great to consider what business benefits could be gained by having item-level serialization and/or Track & Trace in place, probably paired with batch traceability and warehouse integration?

If so, Movilitas is the perfect partner for you. With our expert analytics department, we can leverage all your existing software tools and processes and add strong analytics applications for full transparency and best use of Big Data generated by Serialization/Track & Trace.

Customer/Channel Incentives
  • Loyalty programs deliver new marketing options
  • Ease of doing business / new interaction processes
  • Traceability as a competitive advantage?
Demand Intelligence
  • Data-mining enables focused marketing to lower tier growers
  • Development of targeted product offering

  • Sales offers/marketing through loyalty points
Product Traceability
  • Regulatory compliance (traceability legislation anticipated in near future)

  • Anti-counterfeit measures

  • Parallel import tracking
Supply Chain Velocity & Control
  • Documentation exchange efficiency and real-time update of goods movements
  • Improved warehouse management, with controls over goods loading and dispatch
  • Controls in manufacturing (e.g. identity validation, pack assembly, late customization)
  • Tracking/visibility
  • Monitoring shipments through agreed stage-gates
  • Proactive, early alerts to customers
  • Improved inventory and lead-time visibility



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