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Mobile scanning is the only way to guarantee that all product IDs are scanned as they move along the supply chain. Every Track & Trace solution will sooner or later require mobile access to – at the very least – a global repository. Such access will primarily be required for verification purposes, exceptional situations (e.g. decommissioning IDs, product recalls, destructions) and aggregated operations, for example packing, unpacking, shipping and rework.

  • Unpacking serialized IDs
  • Packing serialized IDs
  • Decommissioning IDs on any aggregation level
  • Shipping with outbound delivery
  • Receiving
  • Full batch decommissioning
  • Reprint labels with serial number
  • Verification

How Movilitas Cloud can help you…

Movilitas Cloud Mobile can handle online/offline data capture within the same architecture. This is crucial in Track & Trace because IDs and events need to be captured regardless of the connectivity. Other mobile solutions on the market only support online data capture.

Movilitas Cloud Integration easily integrates 3PLs in the event-capturing process. In Track & Trace, many companies need to juggle third-party logistics providers (3PLs), contract manufacturers and/or external warehouses. All too often, 3PLs do not have access to the manufacturer’s corporate network, but still need to capture events and send them to the manufacturer’s SAP Track & Trace repository. Having access to a public cloud via the Internet is a real advantage. This is why Movilitas Cloud has a unique “Gateway” function, which allows 3PLs to connect with their own mobile devices to the cloud in a secure and scalable way, thus avoiding the duplication of scans.

Movilitas Cloud Mobile supports printing of labels on mobile printers, which is widely used in Track & Trace for re-aggregating hierarchies (every time a new parent hierarchy is created, a new label needs to be generated).

Movilitas Cloud Mobile permits secure data access in every conceivable business scenario. For example, granting access to customs authorities to interrogate SAP ATTP in order to validate product IDs using smartphones or scanners. Movilitas Cloud Mobile is ideal for this because, as a cloud-based solution, it allows any personal mobile device connected to the Internet to securely retrieve data from SAP ATTP. Alternatively, we can provide a tailored service via app or text message that allows authorized people to verify product IDs.

Key benefits:

  • Very fast and easy to implement
  • Very flexible application for internal and external processes
  • Cloud-based solution, hosted within the EU (no new IT infrastructure)
  • Easy to install standard app for mobile devices
  • Very low monthly subscription cost
  • Movilitas as your trusted advisor (pharma serialization experts for over 10 years with more than 60 successful Serialization/Track & Trace implementations)



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