Movilitas Cloud for Wholesalers


Every wholesaler is legally required to perform risk-based verification of serialized medicine whenever:
  • The product is not directly supplied from a manufacturing or marketing authorization holder (or a person supplying on their behalf)
  • The product is returned by another wholesaler, distributor or a pharmacy
Every wholesaler is legally required to decommission serialized IDs in the European Medicine Verification System (EMVS) whenever they are supplying a party that is not entitled to report consumption of the medicine to the EU Hub.
  • E.g. veterinarians, dentists, opticians, paramedics (Full list in Article 23 of the regulations)
  • Any pharmacy outside the EU
Movilitas Cloud Integration functions
  • Setup national communication channel (blueprint) systems 

  • Register/invite mobile users for product authentication App
  • Request report from EMVS
  • Mark ID/serial number as stolen
Movilitas Cloud Mobile functions
  • Verify ID/serial number
  • Dispense ID/serial number
  • Export ID/serial number from EU
  • Mark ID/serial number as intended for destruction
  • Mark ID/serial number as sample (NCA)
  • Mark ID/serial number as locked



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