SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals


Ensure Global Compliance with SAP ATTP

International governments are enacting legislation to fight counterfeit drugs. The regulations require a serialization of drugs and reporting to governmental / institutional databases and supply chain partners. To achieve compliance, pharmaceutical companies need a serialization repository that scales to the expected high data volume, effectively integrates with master and transactional data, and provides compliant reporting.

SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP) handles these needs by providing a corporate serialization repository and management. The solution was co-developed with leading pharmaceutical companies and ensures the compliance of pharma stakeholders such as Market Authorization Holders (MAH), contract manufacturers, and wholesalers.

It allows you to do:

  • Integrate your ERP, warehouse management systems, and packaging lines
  • Effectively integrate serialization into your standard processes
  • Report events for serialized objects to authorities and business partners
  • Capture serialized objects from packaging lines and warehouse systems and store the events centrally
  • Track and trace serialized medicinal sales units and their aggregations
  • Integrate serialized batches and record their relation to serialized items
  • Globally manage number ranges and randomized or sequential serial number lists
  • Browse repository data reporting on the usage and distribution of serial numbers globally

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Out-of-the box integration of your ERP system

  • Integrate material, business partner, and location master data
  • Integrate ERP transactions, including deliveries, production orders, and process orders
  • Leverage best-in-class object traceability



ERP Integration

Out-of-the-box integration of your warehouse management systems

  • Verify data in your repository in real time
  • Integrate warehouse transactions including receiving, packing, shipping to update serialization repository at real time
  • Update the serial number status for any exception scenarios like destruction, recalls, samples
  • Request and receive serial number ranges, lists, and status updates

Robust & flexible serial number management

  • Define number format and ranges
  • Use tools for randomization
  • Provision serial number range or list to contract manufactures
  • Receive serial number range or list from trading partners (MAH)

Serial Number Management


  • Capture and store objects, events, and business transactions
  • Perform ad-hoc reporting with a repository browser

Regulatory reporting

  • Take advantage of a rules-based framework for regulatory reporting
  • Implement country-specific compliance packages to simplify reporting
  • Enable message mapping and handling

GS1 Global Standards

  • Comply with the latest GS1 global implementation standards:
  1. EPCIS 1.2
  2. CBV 1.2 (core business vocabulary)
  3. TDS 1.9 (tag data standard)
  4. GS1 general specification (version 14, Jan 2014)
GS1 Standards

Why is Movilitas your go-to-partner for Track & Trace?

  • 10+ years of experience
  • 70+ successful projects, including projects with 13 of the 15 largest pharmaceutical companies
  • Projects across multiple geographic regions and industries such as pharma, fast-moving consumer goods, food and beverage, chemicals, and explosives.
  • 100+ clients, including private and government agencies as well as different healthcare stakeholders like manufacturers, CMO’s, 3PL’s, distributors and retailers.
  • Largest SAP Track & Trace team worldwide with 80+ Track & Trace experts
  • Integrated Track & Trace solutions with multiple partner systems
  • Deep understanding of track & trace, full end-to-end serialization across level 1 to level 5, and regulatory compliance.
  • Strong partnership with SAP and GS1

  Simplify Your Compliance Process with SAP ATTP


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