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To efficiently orchestrate goods to market and reduce risks, traceability is a core element. Complete supply chain traceability includes visibility into both product creation and the movement of goods and assets across company and system boundaries. 

The new cloud-based application SAP Global Track & Trace (SAP GTT) allows to track the status and fulfillment of processes and goods in transit across global inbound, manufacturing, and fulfillment chains. SAP GTT provides real-time insights into the availability of materials as well as products and thereby reduces supply chain risks and optimizes costs.

Having an own demo system integrated with SAP ECC, Movilitas can offer individualized demos for customers upon request. learn more about SAp gtt.


Key Benefits

  • Cloud deployment
  • Real-time insights from the connected real world
  • Reduced supply chain costs by easing collaboration and avoiding costly firefighting
  • Event-driven operations based on operational and aggregated insights into supply chain conditions
  • Improve customer service with better reliability and real-time insights as well as event-driven operations
  • Improve customer experience with compliance and sustainability efforts based on collating necessary data


Key Capabilities

  • Capture, process and store tracking information relevant to each business process and object, including information about status, date and time of planned as well as unplanned events
  • Inform relevant stakeholders about the status of business processes and objects, and adjust processes as needed
  • Share data and provide visibility across multiple business partners and relevant stakeholders in a supply network
  • Rely on the big data architecture of GTT and scalability for any kind of scenario

Key Functionalities

  • Process Tracking
  • Tracking of Objects based on EPCIS
  • Integration with geo maps
  • Event-to-Action Engine
  • Sensor Integration

Download the SAP GTT Introduction to learn more.

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