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Connect your value chain and business network insights

Businesses today are facing increasing market volatility and complexity stemming from global uncertainty, such as trade agreements, dwindling resources, transportation disruptions and weather. Pressure also comes from customers, expecting both products and services to be delivered faster and personalized to their individual needs.

Therefore, companies need real-time visibility across their supply chain and omnichannel fulfillment processes to meet these challenges. The solution is a digital supply chain that is connected, predictive and intelligent.

SAP Logistics Business Network is a neutral, multi-modal global network connecting logistics partners, systems and business processes to gain end-to-end visibility across the extended supply chain. It provides a central entry point to manage logistics transactions and exchange documents with key business partners.

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Connected Business Operations

Easily onboard your supply chain partners once and work together with them on a secure network that integrates with your logistics business processes.


Efficient Logistics Processes

Make decisions based on real-time insights and manage by exception.

Reduced Costs of Integrating Your Value Chain

Apply communication standards  across your complete supply chain network.


Freight Logistics Collaboration


Directly connect with your logistics partners. Take advantage of an out-of-the box business process collaboration.

  • Manage jointly logistics transactions and exchange documents and insights with your network
  • Offer connectivity as per your logistics partner’s technical ability
  • Integrate natively with your business backend systems and use established logistics networks as a lever


Logistics Network

Global Track & Trace

Monitor critical business processes by comparing planned versus actual milestones.

  • Track business process progress and goods that are in-transit
  • Send notifications to internal/external parties and notify stakeholders of exceptions and relevant status updates
  • Trigger follow-up transactions based on defined rules and benefit from insights with analytics and benchmarking
  • Provide visibility to your customers and enable re-imagined customer experience

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Global Track & Trace

Material Traceability

Trace your material provenance from raw material origin to finished product across your material value chain augmented by blockchain technology.

  • Improve your end-to-end supply chain visibility and efficiency
  • Enable data sharing across your supply chain network
  • Alert your supply chain partners in case of a product issue


Material Traceability

Why is Movilitas your go-to-partner for Track & Trace?

  • 10+ years of experience
  • 70+ successful projects, including projects with 13 of the 15 largest pharmaceutical companies
  • Projects across multiple geographic regions and industries such as pharma, fast-moving consumer goods, food and beverage, chemicals, and explosives.
  • 100+ clients, including private and government agencies as well as different healthcare stakeholders like manufacturers, CMO’s, 3PL’s, distributors and retailers.
  • Largest SAP Track & Trace team worldwide with 80+ Track & Trace experts
  • Integrated Track & Trace solutions with multiple partner systems
  • Deep understanding of track & trace, full end-to-end serialization across level 1 to level 5, and regulatory compliance.
  • Strong partnership with SAP and GS1


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