Supply Chain Integrity


How Track & Trace, global batch traceability and mobile integration of warehouse management turn compliance into a supply chain value proposition

Track & Trace, serialization, and global batch traceability offer businesses and their supply chains far more than just compliance with government standards. The decision to serialize and track products in batches opens up a whole new range of options and can provide real value-added benefits for the business. For example, the immediate identification of internal and external product and associated distribution records enables fast and efficient execution of product holds, recalls and withdrawals. The transparency gained can also facilitate improved inventory and waste control. Financial risk and exposure related to product issues is reduced and brand integrity is better protected.

SAP Track & Trace, global batch traceability, mobile and warehouse management solutions enable product, part, component and asset traceability from raw material to the point of consumption and sale. Integrated SAP solutions also enable product/part serialized traceability, process monitoring and compliance. Combining these solutions offers a wealth of capabilities that support your organization in improving operational efficiency, reducing safety stocks, complying with regulations, reducing costly fire-fighting, improving customer service, improving brand integrity and providing faster time to insight. All solutions are offered with interfaces to your SAP business suite applications.



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