Supply Chain Partner Integration


Worldwide legislation requires pharmaceutical supply chain members to track and trace their products. These requirements constantly increase the need to collaborate with supply chain partners and exchange traceability data:

  • For products intended for sale in the US, traceability is achieved by handing the traceability data to the next supply chain member
  • For all other products sold into markets that require serialization, government reporting is typically required: in this case, the MAH sends traceability data to a central database operated by or on behalf of a government agency
  • In the event that serialized products are packaged by contract manufacturers (CMOs), traceability data needs to be exchanged between CMOs and MAHs, regardless of the target market.

Movilitas can offer four different solutions to cover these requirements. Which of these will be the best solution for you depends on your specific requirements. It is therefore important to understand how many integration points you will have, which solutions are already used by your supply chain partners, what and how much data will be exchanged, and whether you are looking for a standard SAP solution or are open to evaluating other technologies as well.



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