ITS mobile Accelerator

Movilitas ITS mobile Accelerator (MIX) is a solution created by Movilitas for the purpose of improving the user experience when using an SAP ITSMobile solution on industrial mobile devices. Specifically MIX makes ITSMobile applications run much faster, almost equal to terminal emulation solutions. MIX itself consists of a framework and the associated code (ABAP and JavaScript) used to make it all work.

MIX was created primarily for speed. For industrial RF users, the performance of web applications versus terminal emulation applications was a major roadblock for many companies. As MIX has evolved through testing and feedback, it is also able to resolve several other usability issues.

The primary reason for using MIX is to increase the round-trip performance of ITSMobile screens by about 66%. For example, if the transition between actions (e.g. screen updates) is around 3 seconds using standard ITSMobile, using MIX would reduce the transition time to 1 second or better.

In addition to providing performance improvements, MIX contains some additional features that include:

  • Auto-screen size detection to support using both vehicle mount and hand-held devices
  • Support for multiple CSS files
  • Support for Tethered/Bluetooth printing
  • Timer mode (to display round-trip time of screens)
  • Auto detection of SAP Host timeouts and other fatal errors
  • Auto return user to Login screen after logoff/fatal errors
  • Can run simultaneously with non-MIX RF screen templates

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