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ITSmobile/SAPConsole™is a native radio frequency (RF) data collection application for SAP, which many SAP companies already own as part of their SAP application suite. SAPConsole is a translator, converting SAP's graphical-based screens into the character and GUI-based screens used on a wide variety of handheld devices. Connectivity to the wireless device is accomplished using Telnet Mobile ITS Server application. ITSmobile is a browser based user interface based on the widely used Dynpro programming model.

ITSmobile/SAPConsole software does not contain any business logic, external databases, or complex functionality; it simply moves the display of data from an SAP presentation to a wireless device presentation as an alternative front-end to the SAP GUI screen.Transactions performed with the wireless device are posted real-time to your ECC system.

SAP-delivered mobile data entry transactions address warehouse management business processes, but Movilitas has extended SAP's mobile offerings by developing enhanced mobile transactions for use throughout the entire enterprise, including:

  • Inventory Management (IM)
  • Plant Maintenance (PM)
  • Production Confirmations/Shop Floor Control Quality Management (QM)

Quickly Install Movilitas Template Transactions

Our unique library of mobile data entry transactions extends SAP's core set of transactions to mobilize worker productivity throughout the enterprise and across all SAP modules. The transactions install quickly and are seamlessly added to the RF menu for easy integration and access. Many customers across multiple industries have used our template transactions with little to no modifications. They provide standard bar code label management and printing capabilities and work with RF devices without requiring any extra networking investments or third-party middleware.

Efficiently customize transactions for unique processes

Movilitas also offers development services to customize our set of transactions to customer's specific business processes and operational requirements.

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