Logistics Assessments

Companies do not always know what technologies or processes exist that can help them achieve their desired improvements. They may not realize that they are running operations inefficiently. With the Movilitas Logistics Assessment for SAP, it is easy and affordable for companies to identify specific areas where they can improve.

A Logistics Assessment for SAP serves multiple purposes:
  • Formally documents "as-is" warehouse/distribution/ supply chain business processes
  • Identifies best practices within your industry drawn from hundreds of successful SAP project deployments
  • Prioritizes these alternatives and opportunities according to their future value
  • Looks for "quick-hit" improvement areas such as Radio Frequency (RF) technology and mobile data capture/mobility deployments
  • Helps to serve as the foundation for a business case to justify an SAP project and reinforce ROI
  • Recommends one or more specific courses of action

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