SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Integrated Intelligence for the Smart Warehouse


Your Digital Transformation Journey

The age of the digital supply chain is upon us and warehouses are a critical part of it. To stay competitive with a healthy bottom line, you need to continue your transformation to an integrated smart warehouse.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) offers visibility for better accountability and tracking of products from origin to destination. It integrates with other SAP modules such as Transportation Management and ERP to enable greater reporting and analysis in a real-time environment. You gain the ability to:

  • Optimize operations through data visibility
  • Be more agile in adapting to changing conditions
  • Increase efficiency & productivity
  • Reduce inventory handling & labor costs
  • Enable process automation & scalability
  • Improve real-time decision making
  • Stay compliant with industry regulations

You can also extend synchronization further through the creation of an intelligent enterprise that is integrated with SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP). The information is then shared across all stakeholders in the digital supply chain.

Warehouse Logistics Process


Discover how smart warehouses use technology to efficiently move goods, ingredients and supplies with greater visibility

Selecting the right solution for your operations isn’t always easy. You have choices and we can help guide you through the selection process, implementation and even system management.

Expert Assistance At Every Stage 


Not sure where to begin? We help you meet your objectives through the careful design and configuration of a plan tailored to your business. Our deep experience optimizing supply chains means we quickly deliver a proposal that optimizes your warehouse operations. You can take advantage of our combined 20+ years of expertise and proven templates.

EWM Design


Ready to deploy your EWM solution? Let us analyze your current process, recommend a strategy for going forward, and then implement your solution with little disruption to your business. We also design a customized training program for key stakeholders to ready your team and business for success.

EWM Delivery

Program Management

Resources stretched thin? Our team of EWM architects are ready to support your operations if you need help running and maintaining your solution. We'll see to it that your solution is working as designed, which will allow you to focus on what you do best—running your business. We act as an extension of your team and be the accountable partner you need.

EWM Program Management

Our Process Is Simple

First, we listen to your challenges standing in the way of your objectives. Then, we reach deep into our industry experience to create a solution that is optimized your unique business needs. Two components of our success are With our plug-and-play templates and track and trace solutions,.

The result? You get everything you need to create operational excellence for smart warehouses. We offer a complete service that enables you to reduce costs, increase productivity and get the insight you need to stay competitive. 

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A Fit-Gap analysis is done to examine your business process to create a base for the design solutions.


Customize designs as per the analyses, using proficient tools and experience. The designs are as per standard SAP EWM in addition to RF Customization.


Implement and execute value for an EWM rollout for long-term profitability to the end client.


Our goal is to assure the best quality EWM solutions, deliveries and resource management, hence continuous improvement.


We work real-time on the end-to-end operations to show cost benefits.


We work on short- and long-term goals. The idea is a commitment towards improvisation of design and functionality provided on EWM side with multiple release or sites for ex-release.

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