Fashion & Retail


Consumers seek the latest styles which fuel “fast fashions” trends. Fashion and retail companies must move from design to production to just-in-time in a much shorter timeframe than in the past. Additionally, the market wants to see sustainable practices and supplier diversity. Yet, raw material prices, labor and logistics continue to exert cost pressures. Traceability technology helps provide tracking from ingredient to production to consumer. It also offers insights into better ways to operate manufacturing and supply chains.

Key Challenges

  • Managing increasingly complex supply chains
  • Balancing long time-to-market against agility to meet demand
  • Meeting consumers on new channels
  • Building sustainability and compliance best practices
  • Managing inventory to meet changing expectations


Movilitas offers a full range of services to support the fashion and retail industries. We help companies improve the visibility of their supply chain to deliver authentic and safe products. Our toolkit includes services, extensions and accelerators for SAP solutions so they can realize new opportunities and remain agile in today’s on-demand economy.

Track and Trace

Bring transparency to your supply chain. Track & Trace provides real-time insights into the global value chain, with harmonized information from raw material to end-of-life.

Digital Manufacturing

The future of factories is connected. Industry 4.0 offers real-time data for improving operations, finding new opportunities and changing business models.

Asset Management

Maximize Return on Assets Consistently and Reliably. Move your asset and meter management from pure cost center to one that provides business value.

Warehouse Logistics

Integrated intelligence for the smart warehouse. Leading warehouses use technology to efficiently allocate people and resources while moving shipments through the supply chain.

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