Discrete Manufacturing


Manufacturers require agile, integrated and connected systems to meet the increasingly complex demands of producing and delivering products in today’s on-demand economy. To stay competitive in the modern global connected market, manufacturers must digitize manual processes to connect the shop floor to their ERP and bring disparate systems together into a single source of truth.

The future of factories is moving from computerization and basic automation to the next generation of industry by connecting core operations and enterprise-level systems to make them visible to key stakeholders. The resulting access to real-time data opens the path to improving operations, finding new opportunities and changing business models. Industry 4.0 enables the analysis of exabytes of data that powers AI, machine learning, predictive processes, digital twins and more. Discover how the insights can transform your value chain.

Key Challenges Overview

  • Improving productivity, reliability and traceability
  • Adapting to meet mass customization
  • Creating an environment for innovation and quality improvements
  • Becoming sustainable by decreasing scrap and maximizing assets effectively

Customizing Your Solution with Movilitas

Movilitas is at the forefront of delivering enhanced manufacturing management SAP solutions for Industry 4.0. We help companies digitize manual and paper processes by seamlessly connecting equipment, operations, people and supply chains.  With our advanced Industrial IoT solutions, manufacturers can improve visibility, process control, operational efficiency, and bottom-line profitability through machine integration and real-time analytics.

Recommended Solutions

Track and Trace

Bring Transparency to Your Extended Supply Chain. Track & Trace provides real-time insights into the global value chain, with harmonized information from raw material to end-of-life.

Digital Manufacturing

The future of factories is connected. Industry 4.0 offers real-time data for improving operations, finding new opportunities and changing business models.

Asset Management

Maximize Return on Assets Consistently and Reliably. Move your asset and meter management from pure cost center to one that provides business value.

Warehouse Logistics

Integrated intelligence for the smart warehouse. Leading warehouses use technology to efficiently allocate people and resources while moving shipments through the supply chain.

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Take the Next Step in Your Digital Supply Chain Transformation