The Russian Ministry of Health (MoH) has established a goal of fully tracking all imported products, from consumer goods, to food and beverages, to pharmaceuticals and other life sciences products. Traceability is a key tactic to protect consumers from fake goods by ensuring their quality and authenticity.

Key Challenges

  • Ensuring product authenticity and integrity
  • Maintaining visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain
  • Investigating and removing illegitimate products
  • Serializing products


Movilitas has the expertise to make compliance simple and efficient for the life science supply chain. Our Track & Trace suite of solutions and consulting services helps customers to reduce the risks of supply chain disruptions, while ensuring compliance with global serialization regulations and unlocking data to realize greater efficiencies and a new level of consumer experience.

Additionally, our software as a service solution (SaaS), Movilitas.Cloud, provides out-of-the box compliance and traceability solutions tailored to the specific needs of healthcare and agrochemical stakeholders. Movilitas.Cloud easily integrates with partner systems such as SAP ATTP and SAP ICH and with services mandated by national authorities.

Track and Trace

Bring transparency to your supply chain. Track & Trace provides real-time insights into the global value chain, with harmonized information from raw material to end-of-life.

Digital Manufacturing

The future of factories is connected. Industry 4.0 offers real-time data for improving operations, finding new opportunities and changing business models.


The cloud solution that makes compliance simple. Movilitas.Cloud revolutionizes the way products are serialized and verified.

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