National Systems for Serialization

Counterfeit goods are big business and they mean big loss in taxes. Speaking in numbers, there are $89 billion missing tax payments annually2 that could be used for vital public services. Some fakes, such as alcohol or pharmaceuticals, can have harmful effects. Governments continue to enact legislation for the protection of companies and the safety of constituents as well as reduce economic and health implications. Traceability technologies help digitize compliance processes for streamlined reporting without disrupting company operations or the supply of goods.

Key challenges for Governments

  • Loss of tax payments through counterfeited goods
  • Missing visibility of product movements in the county
  • No insights into medical sales units and aggregations
  • Lack of standardization such as GS1
  • Ensuring citizens safety

Movilitas helps governments to create a national system to gain the ability to connect and collect product data. Through this technology governments can make sure companies follow the regulation that has been enacted. It enables to handle and control pharmaceutical (or other) product movements within the country. With full visibility, all moving goods can be tracked and traced from the product origin to the consumer. The serialization repository offers serial number management and standardization that allow for easier customs control of imported goods and ensure the safety of citizens. While companies must ensure compliance with the regulation the authenticated products on the market increase consumer trust.

With experience from both sides, the pharmaceutical industry and the government Movilitas is the expert to cover all aspects that need to be considered for the implementation of a national system.

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