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Visibility, Safety, Sustainability: End-to-End Traceability for A Connected Supply Chain
In this session from the Supply Chain Network Summit, explore new ways into imporeved supply chain visibility and how to future-proof regulatory compliance while protecting brand reputation.
Solution Briefs
Track and Trace Accelerator for the Public Sector
The track and trace accelerator helps governments to build a regulatory platform. Learn about the benefits of serialization such as reduction of tax evasion, prevention of counterfeit goods entering a market and enhancing patient safety.
3 Key Tips for Implementing Resource Scheduling Successfully
Scheduling technologies go far beyond basic calendaring capabilities found in maintenance software and perform complex computations over large data sets so people can make the best decisions. If your company is thinking about implementing or upgrading a scheduling function, here are three key tips.
Gain Efficiency and Flexibility by Leveraging a Cloud MES
Watch on demand how you can modernize your manufacturing by leveraging a cloud MES, such as SAP DMC, to simplify production level execution.
Solution Briefs
SAP Logistics Business Network – Material Traceability
With SAP Logistics Business Network, business partners within the manufacturing and logistics industries can collaboratively work together. Material genealogy data such as product batch attributes, product batch classification data, and outbound delivery and purchase order information can be contributed by supply chain members to the material traceability network. Learn more in this solution brief.
Serialization and Track and Trace – For a Secure, Compliant and Efficient Supply Chain
Increased transparency through better information sharing and tracking can have a significant impact on the entire value chain. Discover how track and trace technology can support your journey to better recall management and full regulatory compliance.
Why Traceability Matters in the Automotive Industry: A Modern Use Case
Knowing precisely where each part is located inside the plant allows you to plan the assembly process more efficiently and identify improvement areas. In this blog, learn more about how traceability supports your recall management and more.
Movilitas.Cloud – Make Compliance Easy
Serialization can be difficult without the right tool on hand. Movilitas.Cloud offers a refreshingly easy-to-use and simple-to-configure the way products are serialized and verified. The validated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Movilitas.Cloud, makes compliance for the stakeholders of the life science and other supply chains simple and efficient. Learn more in our brochure.
Tech Chat: Why Your Journey to Automotive Supply Chain Visibility Starts Now

Between the pressures of changing market demands, competition and regulations, the automotive industry is learning to do more with less. These complex supply chains rely on components from various partners to assemble vehicles. Real-time visibility into assets, manufacturing processes, suppliers and more continues to be important for operating efficiency and profitability. New requirements such as […]

Leverage Standard Work Instruction Dashboards in a Cloud MES for Greater Efficiency
Standard work instructions provide simple, step-by-step tasks that are required to produce something. By converting these instructions into a digital format, you enable a unified view of information from multiple production sources. The data can empower frontline workers to make data-driven decisions and power automation.
Finding the Best MES Mix for Your Process Manufacturing
Watch on demand the discussion with SAP about how you can use a cloud MES for process manufacturing. The session will include a brief demonstration of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud.
The Future of Intelligent Business: Movilitas Recap from SAP Sapphire
There were multiple experiences at SAP Sapphire in Orlando this May. Read what the Movilitas team brought back from the show.

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