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Guides & Whitepapers
How to Increase Product Visibility and Address Counterfeiting Issues through Integrated Tracking
Gain full product visibility through item-level traceability and increase supply chain and recall efficiency.
DSCSA Compliance Deadlines and How to Prepare for Full Traceability
Are you ready for DSCSA in 2023? This blog covers the DSCSA compliance deadlines and how to prepare for full traceability.
Case Studies
Movilitas.Cloud makes FMD compliance easy at Phoenix group
Find out how the PHOENIX group FMD compliant journey with Movilitas.Cloud and get insights into what requirements other stakeholders of the supply chain need to fulfill.
Solution Briefs
Movilitas Accelerator | SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals – Archiving
Movilitas provides a best practice approach that expedites the archiving project while reducing the overall costs and increasing the solution quality.
Guides & Whitepapers
How to Archive Obsolete SAP ATTP Data and Three Good Reasons to Start Today
Data archiving is an important step to pull out mass data from the database that is no longer required in the system. In this guide discover three good reasons to start archiving today and learn how the SAP ATTP archiving process works.
SAP Digital Supply Chain Live 2021 Presentation
In the SAP Digital Supply Chain presentation, you will find out how a leading gas supplier benefits from greater supply chain efficiency and faster reaction to arising changes in the market.
Pharma TRACKTS! Presentation 2021
Hear in this Pharma TRACKTS! presentation why Boehringer Ingelheim decided for a new serialization solution to ensure compliance with Chinese regulations.
DSCSA 2023 Readiness Checklist
Download the checklist to assess your DSCSA 2023 readiness.
Guides & Whitepapers
Five Ways Cloud MES Improves Your Production Capabilities
Cloud computing has changed the way we work. Manufacturers are now leveraging this technology for sustainable production. A cloud MES helps them keep up with dynamic plant floor operations and supply chains. Learn more about the benefits in our guide.
How Track & Trace Technology Empowers Recall Management to Protect Brand Legacy
Safety and authenticity have always been fundamental priorities in the food and beverage global marketplace. With track & trace technology, stakeholders have a holistic view of the supply chain, which provides real-time visibility into a product's origin, location and quality.
How Connecting Machine Data with SAP DMC Increases Production
Watch the on-demand recording to learn how you can take advantage of your machine data by connecting it with SAP DMC to power production automation and insights.
Expert Session: Assess Your Compliance Readiness for DSCSA 2023
In our expert session with Kevan MacKenzie, serialization and regulations expert, we will do a deep dive on the DSCSA requirements and what technology architecture is recommended.

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