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Guides & Whitepapers
Simplify Your Compliance Process
Find out how to simplify your compliance process and connect data from multiple pharma stakeholders with SAP ATTP.
Case Studies
Biotest Improves Serialization Compliance with Extended Supply Chain Visibility
Biotest needed a new Track & Trace solution to comply with the EU FMD and Russian regulations. With SAP ATTP and SAP WM they can now share information with their supply chain stakeholders as well as the various regulatory agencies.
How to Build a Competitive Advantage with Serialization and Track & Trace
Have an exclusive look at the new-to-market solution, SAP Corporate Serialization. The system enables the tracking of objects using Global Unique Identifier Management for the non-pharmaceutical industries.
Guides & Whitepapers
Movilitas.Cloud’s Manufacturer for Pharma Application
Discover how to leverage Movilitas.Cloud's Manufacturer for Pharma application
Guides & Whitepapers
FMD Compliance
What you need to do to become EU FMD compliant
Guides & Whitepapers
Movilitas.Cloud for Repackagers & Parallel Distributors: Optimize Your Repackaging Process & Ensure EU FMD Compliance
Optimize the repackaging process while ensuring FMD compliance
Guides & Whitepapers
10 Features A Wholesaler Solution Should Have for FMD Compliance
A solution evaluation checklist
Wholesalers, Easily Resolve Your FMD False Alerts with Technology
Better manage connections to the medical verification systems with cloud technology
EU FMD: The Brexit Challenge & Its Current Situation
Brexit’s impact on EU FMD and an easy way to stay compliant

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