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Featured Topics:

Implementing a National System in the UAE: Traceability Requirements for Compliance​
Track and trace regulations can deliver many benefits: Reduction of tax evasion, prevention of counterfeit goods entering a market, enhancing patient safety, brand protection, better control over supply chains.
What’s next for SAP Track & Trace​
At the Rethink:TMRW Summit SAP is presenting the latest and greatest trends of Track & Trace and how companies are affected by today’s complex supply chains.
UCB: The Journey of Implementing a Track and Trace System and Leveraging Run Support​
UCB had a lack of control on serial number management. Applications were reaching the end of their lifecycle and upcoming serialization regulations for CIS were on the horizon.
Cultivating Sustainable, Productive Agriculture for Farmers and the Planet: Syngenta Invests In Innovative Technology
In this Rethink:TMRW Summit presentation Syngenta shares their 5 year digitalization program journey, business use cases as well as results obtained in the areas of traceability, compliance, anti-counterfeiting and loyalty.
Achieving End-to-End Product Traceability from Manufacturing to Supply Chain
In this webinar, get insights on an integrated manufacturing and traceability approach to achieve visibility from your factory throughout all stakeholders of the supply chain.
Case Studies
Acino Ensures Compliance with Track and Trace Requirements across multiple Regions
Operating in emerging markets, Acino needed a solution to ensure compliance with serialization and reporting requirements in the EU, CIS and Middle East. Read the full story in the GS1 Healthcare Reference Book 2022/2023.
eLeaflet Panel Discussion​: Actual State, Pitfalls and technical way for Realization
Are you on top of the new eLeaflet requirement in the pharmaceutical industry? In this electronic leaflet panel discussion from the Rethink:TMRW Summit get insights from pharmaceutical leaders on what it means for the industry.
Visibility, Safety, Sustainability: End-to-End Traceability for A Connected Supply Chain
In this session from the Supply Chain Network Summit, explore new ways into imporeved supply chain visibility and how to future-proof regulatory compliance while protecting brand reputation.
Solution Briefs
Track and Trace Accelerator for the Public Sector
The track and trace accelerator helps governments to build a regulatory platform. Learn about the benefits of serialization such as reduction of tax evasion, prevention of counterfeit goods entering a market and enhancing patient safety.
Serialization and Track and Trace – For a Secure, Compliant and Efficient Supply Chain
Increased transparency through better information sharing and tracking can have a significant impact on the entire value chain. Discover how track and trace technology can support your journey to better recall management and full regulatory compliance.
Why Traceability Matters in the Automotive Industry: A Modern Use Case
Knowing precisely where each part is located inside the plant allows you to plan the assembly process more efficiently and identify improvement areas. In this blog, learn more about how traceability supports your recall management and more.
How to Prepare for United Arab Emirates Pharma Serialization Requirements
In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) is implementing a track and trace system to secure products and protect consumer safety. This blog will give insights on how to ensure compliance with the new UAE regulation for pharma serialization.

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