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2022 Trends: Analytics & Smart Mobility in the Digital Supply Chain
Supply chains are still experiencing the ripple effects from disruptions. Our blog looks at how companies leverage analytics, smart mobility and digital twin technologies to support adaptability and flexibility in 2022.
2022 Technology Trends in the Digital Supply Chain: Sustainability & Cloud
Supply and value chains have undergone a dramatic shift since early 2020. How will they leverage technology to continue transforming to meet demands? This is the first blog in our two-part series that reviews 2022 technology trends. The topics covered in this content are sustainability and cloud-first strategies.
DSCSA Compliance Deadlines and How to Prepare for Full Traceability
Are you ready for DSCSA in 2023? This blog covers the DSCSA compliance deadlines and how to prepare for full traceability.
How Track & Trace Technology Empowers Recall Management to Protect Brand Legacy
Safety and authenticity have always been fundamental priorities in the food and beverage global marketplace. With track & trace technology, stakeholders have a holistic view of the supply chain, which provides real-time visibility into a product's origin, location and quality.
How People-Centric Technology Improves Asset Management
Improving asset management requires leadership, strategy and worker engagement. A people-centric technology approach will help.
Why Manufacturers Use OEE Software to Improve Efficiency
Manufacturers constantly strive to build or maintain a competitive advantage. Efficiency KPIs, such as OEE, help support this initiative by tracking progress towards underlying operational goals. OEE software provides this information through one centralized platform.
Keep Customers Happy By Connecting SAP FSM to Your SAP Environment
This blog provides an overview of the core SAP FSM processes and how the solution can be connected to your SAP environment.
The Role of Third-Party Support Partners in Your SAP Total Cost of Ownership
Third-party SAP support teams have proven expertise in specific SAP applications and industries. Compared to vendor support you can benefit from reduced support costs and greater business value realization.
Manufacturing with a Cloud-Based MES: What Are the Benefits?
Cloud MES solutions connect your shop floor equipment to your business systems for global visibility across all your plants. Read more about them.
Three Ways to Boost Your Predictive Maintenance Program
There is a perception that Predictive Maintenance requires a large investment, but taking these three smaller steps could be a good option to demonstrate the value of this type of program.
Aligning Manufacturing Maintenance with Production for Greater Efficiency
The need to align maintenance processes between operations and maintenance has been a long-standing challenge for manufacturers. Discover how to transition to an integrated system with Maintenance 4.0.
3 Key Reasons Why Connecting Your Field and Office Teams Is Important
The lack of access to good information can slow down your productivity, and make your customers and stakeholders unimpressed with your service. Discover how to create a well-connected field service team.

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