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Featured Topics:

eLeaflet Panel Discussion​: Actual State, Pitfalls and technical way for Realization
Are you on top of the new eLeaflet requirement in the pharmaceutical industry? In this electronic leaflet panel discussion from the Rethink:TMRW Summit get insights from pharmaceutical leaders on what it means for the industry.
Visibility, Safety, Sustainability: End-to-End Traceability for A Connected Supply Chain
In this session from the Supply Chain Network Summit, explore new ways into imporeved supply chain visibility and how to future-proof regulatory compliance while protecting brand reputation.
How a Leading Industrial Gas Supplier Gained Full Product Traceability
In the SAP Digital Supply Chain presentation, you will find out how a leading gas supplier benefits from greater supply chain efficiency and faster reaction to arising changes in the market.
Pharma TRACKTS! Presentation 2021
Hear in this Pharma TRACKTS! presentation why Boehringer Ingelheim decided for a new serialization solution to ensure compliance with Chinese regulations.
How Asset Management Strengthens Organizational Resilience
Asset management and maintenance provide an additional layer of organizational resilience. Learn more by watching the Movilitas session from the 2021 Institute of Asset Management North America Conference.
SAP Smart Industries: Traceability & Equipment Management
Movilitas talks about digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0 traceability with SAP.
SAP Innov’Chat Series with Movilitas
Track & Trace powers the new micro supply chain. Many industries face challenges spanning manufacturing, logistics and compliance because of complex product portfolios, long life-cycles and government regulations. The extended digital supply chain is often known as 4.Now because it supplies data throughout the products’ life-cycle.
Bring Transparency to Your Supply Chain
A lack of transparency in supply chains can create a number of inefficiencies and increase the risk of counterfeit goods entering the system. Technology and other solutions are being implemented to fill in these visibility gaps.
SAP MII for Connected Production
SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) connects your plant operations and enterprise systems so employees, materials, processes and machines work seamlessly together. Learn more in this brief overview.
Joris Ide Group’s Digital Transformation Results
Joris Ide Group transitions to Industry 4.0 technology to increase shop floor efficiency and visibility to improve production as well as better reporting to all staff from production operators to top management. Hear about their transformation.
Industry 4.0
Leveraging Industry 4.0 technology helps build smart factories that thrive in the ever-changing global economy. Connected systems create resilience and actionable insights. Learn more about this topic.
Movilitas: Creating a New Era for How Enterprises Lead the Connected Value Chain
Video of Movilitas solutions and consulting services

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