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A Practical Approach to Pharma Serialization in the United Arab Emirates
The UAE’s governmental department for healthcare - the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) is in the process of publishing a legislation that defines the track and trace requirements. Learn about the requirements to ensure compliance from December 2022 onwards.
Guides & White Papers
Three Technology Solutions for Serialized Warehouses
This guide explores how serialized warehouses can leverage proven and next-generation technology to gain value beyond compliance.
Guides & White Papers
How to Increase Product Visibility and Address Counterfeiting Issues through Integrated Tracking
Gain full product visibility through item-level traceability and increase supply chain and recall efficiency.
Guides & White Papers
How to Archive Obsolete SAP ATTP Data and Three Good Reasons to Start Today
Data archiving is an important step to pull out mass data from the database that is no longer required in the system. In this guide discover three good reasons to start archiving today and learn how the SAP ATTP archiving process works.
Guides & White Papers
Five Ways Cloud MES Improves Your Production Capabilities
Cloud computing has changed the way we work. Manufacturers are now leveraging this technology for sustainable production. A cloud MES helps them keep up with dynamic plant floor operations and supply chains. Learn more about the benefits in our guide.
Guides & White Papers
A Practical Approach to Pharma Serialization in Brazil
Brazil continues to define its pharmaceutical serialization and traceability regulations. The country and pharma stakeholders who manufacture or import in Brazil are in the process of implementing the law through a series of phases with the next big milestone requiring full traceability. In this guide learn how to take a practical approach to comply with the requirements.
Guides & White Papers
A Simple Solution For Improving Your Manufacturing OEE
How do you improve your manufacturing KPIs, including OEE, at every level? By enabling production visibility with real-time data. Our guide reviews common roadblocks and how a simple solution can align teams from the shop floor to leadership.
Guides & White Papers
Simplify Your Compliance Process – Guide
Find out how to simplify your compliance process and connect data from multiple pharma stakeholders with SAP ATTP.
Guides & White Papers
Environmental Track & Trace: Cold Chain in a Time of COVID
This guide explains how Environmental Track & Trace can be leveraged to meet the challenge of distributing Covid-19 vaccines.
Guides & White Papers
5 KPIs zur Verbesserung Ihrer Anlagenwartung
Die Anlagenwartung verfügt über wichtige Leistungsindikatoren (KPIs) für die Gesamteffektivität der Ausrüstung und den Prozentanteil der Ausfallzeiten.
Guides & White Papers
Warehouse Logistics – Best Practices for Technology Change Management
Successfully transition to a smart warehouse by using these change management best practices for technology implementation
Guides & White Papers
Movilitas.Cloud’s Manufacturer for Pharma Application
Discover how to leverage Movilitas.Cloud's Manufacturer for Pharma application

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