A Simple Solution For Improving Your Manufacturing OEE

Moving towards Industry 4.0 means doing away with disconnected systems, including paper, to create a holistic view of your business. Manufacturers know they should leverage technology better to resolve these operational blind spots. Yet, how do you improve your manufacturing OEE and KPIs from the shop floor to the leadership team?

By enabling production visibility with real-time data. The transformation includes the ability to capture data at the source and use it multiple times throughout the operations. This digital, 360° view of your manufacturing and business can be accessed anywhere from mobile dashboards to scoreboards located on the factory floor.

Our guide reviews common roadblocks and how a simple solution for discrete and process manufacturing, such consumer packaged goods (CPG) can align teams from the shop floor to the leadership suite.

Key topics

  • A review of manufacturing KPI needs by organizational level
  • 5 common roadblocks to production efficiency and productivity
  • The components of a digital foundation
  • Benefits of digital manufacturing
  • CPG case study brief